Dear Rider:
If you would like to apply for grants from the American Horse Trials Foundation, Inc, please read our brochure and the Eligibility, Fundraising & Competition Grant Guidelines. After reading those documents you will need to submit an Eligibility Statement and Grant Application, both of which can be found on this site. Please read the Eligibility Statement carefully and submit all of the information that is requested.

The minimum eligibility requirement for adult riders is that they have completed a three-day event at the preliminary level or better. The minimum requirement for young riders is completion of a horse trial at the preliminary level or better. Dressage riders must be competing at the Prix St. George level or above.

Please keep in mind that the Foundation does no fundraising. That is the responsibility of the individual rider or event.

Thank you for your interest. Please call me with your questions before applying.

Rider Info Letter
Read this along with the Grant Guidelines. Call the AHTF office with your questions before completing any of the forms below.

Eligibility, Fundraising & Competition Grant Guidelines
This document should be read thoroughly before completing any forms.

Eligibility Statement
Complete and submit all information requested.

2023 Grant Application
Complete this application for the year 2023.

Grant Disbursement Request
Complete this to be reimbursed for your expenses after you have been approved to receive grants.

2022 Rider Report
Complete this rider activity report.

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